Robin Torrence (Australian Museum, Sydney)

Understanding these accounts is not as easy as it seems and provides a real flavour of globalisation. We ended up this year with a slightly higher balance than last year (c. $400), but this figure is deceptive. Owing to a change in Australian taxes and consequent follow-on problems, we did not receive invoices for WABs 10 and 11 in 2000. If we take account of these outstanding bills, we would be about $1500 behind 1999, but we will still have a healthy balance. A large factor to consider, however, is that these accounts are presented in US$ and the value of the Australian dollar has taken a big fall during the year. I used 0.55 to convert the figures, whereas last year I used 0.65. There is no need for serious concern at this stage, however, because the largest proportion of our costs are for WABs and since these are published and posted from Australia, the exchange rate does not affect us.

Membership fees are our only source of income so it is very important that you take your renewal notice seriously. Feel free to use email or fax but do include your current address so we can keep our records current. WAC has not raised its membership rates in at least 10 years so it is excellent value. Pass the word around. We always need to recruit new members. Get your library to take advantage of the very economical library subscription rate. I’m always open for new ideas about how to attract members and welcome feedback from members. I very much enjoy your friendly notes attached to the renewal notices.

I would like to congratulate Joan Gero for her recruiting efforts this year. She wins the Life Membership. Thanks to Bayo Foloronso for keeping track of the Nigerian members so efficiently. I wish all the regional reps were so diligent. We gratefully acknowledge financial donations received in 2000 from the following members: I. McBryde, G. Winchkler, R. Walicka Zeh, D. West and R. Sim. We also thank Peter White and Deirdre Koller of Oceania Publications, University of Sydney who look after our banking and accounts and the Australian Museum which has assisted with postage and email.
Financial Statement as of December 31, 2000

(Amounts in US dollars. Exchange rate use is A$1=US$0.55)


Carried forward $9824.64

Subscriptions and

back issues $4003.06

Interest $251.62

Total $14,079.32


WAB10 $1211.64

Australian Tax $13.97

Athens Inter-Congress $799.16

Total $2024.77

BALANCE $12,054.55