This volume is the first of the ‘new-look’ Bulletins to appear with a flat spine which allows the title and volume number to be printed on it. Owing to the constraints of publishing technology, a minimum thickness is required of a volume to make the flat spine possible. This means I need more material for each issue – about twice as much as before. I have now used up almost all of the material I have, so be prepared for an avalanche of requests for contributions! If you have something you think would be suitable, please send it to me as soon as possible.

As I noted in Volume 10, I have had no trouble eliciting publishable material from a variety of sources around the world, from just about everyone except a handful of our regional representatives. At the risk of being repetitive, I must emphasize that the membership needs to receive regular regional news if WAC is to function in the way it was set up to do. Regional representatives really should try to make time to submit occasional reports.

I will be preparing WAB 12 on the road during my forthcoming sabbatical. It will be difficult to contact me except by email. My university email address will stay the same. All messages will be ‘bounced’ to my hotmail account, which can also be used.