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World Archaeological Bulletin

The World Archaeological Bulletin (WAB) is published periodically by the World Archaeological Congress. The table of contents and some of the articles from issues 1-15 are below:

Number One


Academic freedom and apartheid
compiled by Paul Crake

Apartheid divides the archaeologists
Neal Ascherson

Apartheid is wrong but the rot starts here
Conor Cruise O’Brien

Intellectual rot about South Africa
Neal Ascherson

A dirty word in archaeology?
Tim Champion

Michael Kelly and Arthur Willoughby

Academic action weakens apartheid stand
Peter Ucko

The World Archaeological Congress 1986 reviewed

The Politics of the Past
Olivia Harris

Southampton 1986
Philip Rahtz

Short Reviews:
Sir Shridath Ramphal
Extracts from letters

The Steering Committee
Peter Ucko


International Forum for Women in Archaeology
Charlotte Cane

Cultural Imperialism: American Indian Remains
Jan Hammil

Post-Congress Publications
Peter Ucko

The Future of the Past in Education
Robert Mackenzie

Robert Ross’s Museology Exhibition Reviewed
Waldemar Januszczak

Number Two


Final Report of the World Archaeological Congress Steering Committee
Michael Day

The Disposition of the Dead
Jane Hubert

White American Attitudes Concerning Burials
Randall H McGuire

Racism through the Looking Glass: An Afro-American Perspective
Michael L Blakey

The National Socialist Perversion of Archaeology
Bill McCann

UNESCO’s Role in the Fight against Apartheid
Peter Ucko

Out of the Ashes . . . The Mainz Congress and the World Archaeological Congress
Peter Stone


The Role of ‘Cultural Centres/Cultural Houses’ in the Presentation and Maintenance of Tradition
The First Inter-Congress: Papua New Guinea, September 1988

Archaeological Ethics and the Treatment of the Dead
The Second Inter-Congress: United States of America, August 1989

The Second World Archaeological Congress: Venezuela, September 1990

Academic Freedom and Apartheid: Some Further Views

A ‘Genuine World Archaeology’?

Post-Congress Publications

Book News:

Academic Freedom and Apartheid: The Story of the World Archaeological Congress
Conor Cruise O’Brien and Tania Monteiro

Number Three

Kate Golson

Announcement of Conference to be held in La Plata, Argentina

The Relevance of the Past in the Present in Mochudi, Botswana – Initiation and Museum
Sandy Grant with Chief Linchwe II Kgafela

The Tuniq Project
John Jamieson

The local Culture of Uttarakhand in North India and the Folk Culture Museum at Bhimtal
Yashodhar Mathpal

The Role of Culture Centres amongst the Saami
Inga Maria Mulk

The Scope of KAERA Centres’ Operation: The Gosi Case
Osaga Odak

Urban Origins in Eastern Africa: A Regional Cooperation Project
Paul Sinclair

The Ethnic Question and Social Change in Latin America
Hector Diaz-Polanco

Brazilian Archaeology and World Archaeology: Some remarks
Pedro Funari

Teaching Archaeology – A New Resource
Peter Stone

Discussing Race in a Racist Society
Alan Morris
A Rejoinder
G T Nurse

The Second World Archaeological Congress, Merida, Venezuela, September 1990
Jacqueline Clarac de Briceño

Report from the International Council of Archaeological Heritage Management Symposium in Stockholm in 1988
Gustaf Trotzig

Results of the First Elections for the Executive of the World Archaeological Congress
Michael Day

Draft Statutes for the World Archaeological Congress
Michael Day

Draft Statutes

Table of Comparison of the Organizations of the WAC und the UISPP

Conference in Honour of Thurstan Shaw

Review of the ‘One World Archaeology’ series
Peter Ucko

Number Four

Peter Ucko

World Archaeological Congress 2

Draft Statutes

WAC First Inter-Congress

First WAC Inter-Congress, Vermillion, South Dakota, USA
Jane Hubert

Archaeological Ethics and the Treatment of the Dead
Christos Doumas

Patrick Mbunwe-Samba

Challenges and opportunities at the Inter-Congress
Larry Zimmerman

Executive Meeting August 1989

WAC Second Inter-Congress

Obituary: Caroline Jones

Active Museum of Fascism and Resistance in Berlin

Number Five

Cressida Fforde

The Second World Archaeological Congress
Cressida Fforde

WAC Executive and Council Meetings
Cressida Fforde

The Academic Boycott of South Africa
Peter Ucko

The Preservation of Cultural Property
Cressida Fforde

The Maori Delegation to WAC 2: Presentation and Reports
Hirini Matunga

WAC 2 and the Code of Ethics
David Johnston

The Development of Archaeological Theory in Poland under Conditions of Isolation
A. Marciniak and W. Raczkowski

On the Threshold of Isolation: The Dilemma of Archaeological Practice In Nigeria
Anselm Ibeanu

Efforts to Mitigate the Effects of Isolation: World Bank Initiatives in Nigeria
Eileen Nkwanga

Why so Little is Known About Modern Soviet Archaeology: Archaeological Data in the USSR
Victor Trifonov

Spreading the Word
S. P. Q. Rahtz and P. Reilly

One World Archaeology Series

Farewell to the Murray Black Australian Aboriginal Skeletal Collection
Colin Pardoe

Archaeology in Brazil: Politics and Scholarship at a Crossroads
Pedro Funari

WAC Statutes

Addresses of the WAC Executive and Council 1990

Cressida Fforde

Number Six

Introduction to Volume Six

Peter Ucko

Non-Darwinian Reasons for the Collection of Human Skeletal Remains: An Example from Russia

Peter Ucko

The Royal College of Surgeons of England: A Brief History of Its Collections and a Catalogue of Some Current Holdings
Cressida Fforde
Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton

English Collections of Human Remains: An Introduction
Cressida Fforde
Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton

Racism, Archaeology and Museums: The Strange Case of the Stuffed African Male in the Darder Museum, Banyoles
(Catalonia), Spain.
Damia Jaume, Guillem Pons, Miquel Palmer,Miquel McMinn, Josep Antoni Alcover, and Gustavo Politis

The posthttmotts History of William Lanac

Cressida Fforde

Number Seven

Introduction:Historical Archaeology for the World
Charles E. Orser JR

‘Real’ Aborigines and ‘Real’ Archaeology: Aboriginal Places and Australian Historical Archaeology
Sarah Colley and Anne Bickford

Historical Archaeology in Australia
R. Ian Jack

Historical Archaeology in South Africa
Martin Hall
Documents, Oral Histories, and the Material Record: Historical Archaeology in West Africa
Christopher R. DeCorse

Historical Archaeology In Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina
Pedro Paulo A. Funari

Beyond National Boundaries and Regional Perspectives: Contrasting Approaches to Spanish Colonial Archaeology in the Americas
Jack S. Williams and Patricia Fournier-Garcia

Matters of Inclusion: Historical Archaeology and Native Americans
Patricia E. Ruberton

Historical Archaeology in the American West: Examples from South Dakota and Nevada
Allyson Brooks and Elizabeth Prine

The Importance of Historical Archaeology in the United States
Barbara J. Little and Paul A. Shackel

The Politics of ‘Race’ and Cultural identity at the African Burial Ground Excavations, New York City
Terrence W. Epperson

Towards the Further Development of Feminist Historical Archaeology
Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood

Postmedieval Archaeology in Spain: An Overview
Francisca Represa

Number Eight

Julian Thomas


Preface: Archaeological Theory in Action – The Post Soviet Vision

Non-Archaeological Theory and the Problem of Cultural Heritage
V.D. Gukin, I.V. Manzura, R.A. Rabinovich and M.E. Tkachuk

The Use of Ethnographic Models in the Reconstruction of Social and Economic Patterns (with Reference to Materials from Research Undertaken in Siberia)
L.I. Koyakova and A.S Sergeyev

On the Bibliographical and Directory of World Theoretical Archaeology: A Project
l.S. Klejn

Arl-Tree/Tumulus: A Project for Establishing a Database on Materials from Excavations of Stepp-Land Tumuli and its Practical Application
M.V. Andreyeva, G.G. Dzhanikyan, I.A. Sorokina

Aspects of the Palaeo-sociological Approach in Soviet Archaeology
E.P. Bunyatyan

An Assessment of the Experimental/Use-Wear Approach to the Study of Stone-Knapping Technology
E.Y. Girya

Burial – The Historical Phenomenon
Yuri Smirnov

The End of Theoretical Archaeology: The Silent Conflict between Theory and Practice
Victor Trifonov

Theory and Method in Contemporary Russian Palaeolithic Archaeology
Sergei A Vasil’ev

Church Archaeology in Russia: Past and Future Prospects
Deacon Alexander Musin

Middle Palaeolithic Burials in Eurasia: New Approaches and Traditional Interpretations – A View from Eastern Europe
V.A. Alyokshin

The Search for Mechanisms of Cultural Change in Prehistory: From Theory to Stone Tools and Back
L. Vishnyatsky


Arkendiuz Marciniak

Polish Archaeology: Reality and Challenges of the 1990’s
Paul M. Bradford and Stanislaw Tabaczynski

A Short History of Polish Archaeology
Jacek Lech

Theoretical Traditions in Contemporary Polish Archaeology
Danatu Minta-Tworzowska and Wlodzimerz Raczkowski

Main Directions in Neolithic Studies in Poland in the Second Half of the 20th Century
Lech Czerniak

Bronze and Early Iron Age Research in Poland
Janusz Kokwski

Research on the Pre-Roman and Roman Periods in Postwar Poland
Andrezej Kokowski

Early Medieval Archaeology in Poland: Successes and Failures
Zbigniew Kobylinski

Urban Archaeology in Poland
Przemyslaw Urbanczuk

Studying Archaeology in Poland
Przemyslaw Krajewski

Number Nine – April-May 1999


WAC Meetings

From the Treasurer

News from Council

WAC Objectives

Ayodhya Committee
Rowlands and Funari

Working Group on Representation

New WAC Executive

WAC Regional Electoral Colleges

Research Notes

Chazine (Borneo rock art)

Owen (Dating at Jinmium, Australia)

Regional Reports

Shoocongdej (Southeast Asia)

Opinion and Commentary

Morris (UK)

Blinkhorn and Cumberpatch (UK)

Podgorny (Argentina)

Book Reviews

Campbell (Social Complexity, USA)

News and Conferences

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Number Ten – September-October 1999

WAC News
Research Notes
Various authors. Reports from around East Africa.
Bonsall, J. The nature of lower palaeolithic social and economic organisation: a student essay.
Farro, M. The business of museums: towards a history of collections in La Plata’s museum, 1888-1906.
Howell-Meurs, S. Exploitation of upland and lowland environments: early bronze and iron age sites from eastern Turkey.
Qunhu, G. Some preliminary hypotheses about the early territories of Tai-Kadai languages.
Regional Reports
Conference Reports
Koerner, S. & J. Hawcroft Origins research at the turn of the millennium: paradigm change and continuity. EAA99, Bournemouth, U.K
Book Reviews
Mulvaney, D.J. & J. Kamminga 1999. Prehistory of Australia (Bryce Barker)
Murray, T. (ed.) 1998. Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia: A Reader (Amy Roberts)
Rice, M. 1991. Egypt’s Making (Michael Brass & Francesca Jourdan)
Ayodhya (WAB 9:16)
Jinmium (WAB 9:32-37)
News and Conferences

Number Eleven – April-May 2000

WAC News
Treasurer’s Report

Regional Reports

Gero, J. North America

WAC Taskforce Report

Ronayne, M. The destruction of cultural property in conflict situations.
Shaw, T., Peter Ucko, P. and K. MacDonald A tribute to the life and work of Professor Bassey Wai Andah

Blau, S. Out of breathe? A re-evaluation of the use of feminist theory in interpretations of archaeology in non-western countries

Hemming, S. Ngarrindjeri burials as cultural sites: indigenous heritage issues in Australia
Ireland, T. The archaeology of nation in Australia
Lydon, J. The disturbing history of Sydney’s Rocks, the ‘birthplace of a nation’

Research Notes

Bonsall, J. Humanity’s power against the force of nature: An undergraduate essay.
Sand, C., Valentin, F. & T. Sorovi-Vunidilo Recent fieldwork on Cikobia, Fiji

Conference Reports

Harrison, R. & A. Patterson Workshop: The archaeology of culture contact in Australia and beyond

Book Reviews

Coil, J. Easter Island and East Polynesian Prehistory.

Roberts, A. At a Crossroads: Archaeology and First Peoples in Canada
News and Conferences

Number Twelve – August-September 2000

WAC News
Treasurer’s Report

Ronayne, M. The Ilisu Dam Project in southern Turkey

Editor’s note SAA action

Lilley, I. Them dry bones: Archaeology and nation-making in Papua New Guinea
Field Reports

Galipaud, J-C. The Lapita site of Atanoasao, Malo, Vanuatu
Commentary and Opinion

Gero, J. Why? And Whither? WAC.
Frassinelli, P. P. and Ronayne, M. In defence of memory: The struggle for the past and the present in Chiapas
Book Reviews
Lamb, L. Grit-Tempered: Early Women Archaeologists In The Southeastern United States

Frederick, U. The Archaeology of Rock Art.
Adams, W. The Cahokia Chiefdom: The Archaeology of a Mississippian Society
Book Notes

Carmel Schrire Tigers in Africa
Jak Yakar Ethnoarchaeology of Anatolia
Conference Report

Funari, P. P. Report on the publication of the proceedings of The First International Meeting on Archaeological Theory in South America
News and Conferences

Number Thirteen – April-May 2001

WAC Statement on Afghanistan
WAC News

Treasurer’s Report
Dams – Ronayne, M. The Ilisu Dam Project in Southern Turkey

Country Report – Tsonev, T. Archaeology and archaeologists in Bulgaria at the beginning of the 3rd millennium AD
Field Report – Chazine, J-M. Découverte d’un Art rupestre inattendu dans l’Est de Bornéo: datations et problèmatiques
Book Review – Funari, P. P. Archaeology Under Fire. Nationalism, Politics and Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.
Book Note – Carmel Schrire Tigers in Africa

Conference Report – WAC Intercongress on the African Diaspora
News – Gray, D. Preliminary Report On the Fourth Meeting of Governmental Experts on the Draft Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, Paris, March 26 – April 6, 2001.
News – From the U.S.
New Course Report – Richards, N. Maritime Archaeological Field School, Flinders University, South Australia

Number Fourteen – August-Sept 2001

WAC News


Ronayne, M. The Ilisu Dam Project in southern Turkey

Bertilsson, U. CAR-ICOMOS (ICOMOS Rock Art Committee) Report on the mission to rock art sites at Alqueva in Portugal, July 17-21, 2001

Zilhão, J. and A. Baptista Reply by Instituto Português de Arqueologia to CAR-ICOMOS Alqueva Report

Zilhão, J. The rock art of the Guadiana, the Alqueva Dam, and the UISPP “International Commission”: A personal clarification, September 19, 2001

Research Paper

Koerner, S. Archaeology, nationalism, and problems posed by science/values, epistemology/ontology dichotomies


Oppenheimer, S. Response to Peter Bellwood’s review of “Eden in the East” (Oppenheimer, S. 1998 Weidenfeld & Nicolson London)

Number Fifteen


President’s Statement.

Hall, M. Going Local? The World Archaeological Congress and Effective Action

WAC News


WAC President’s Letter to Council of Europe regarding Ilisu Dam, Turkey.

Treasurer’s Report

One World Archaeology Series Introduction – Volume 43



Shepherd, N Alternatives to what? debating new heritage practices in south africa: Reflections on the Mapping Alternatives conference.

Rainbird, R. and S. Garling The conflicting boundaries of Australian history.