Japanese Archaeology Fair

Dates: August 28th – September 2nd
Hours: 9:00 – 19:00
Venue: Ryoshin-kan 1F
Presentation Type: Poster presentations, workshops, hands-on exhibits

The WAC8 Kyoto Local Committee hold a special session about Japanese Archaeology, with the support of the Japanese Archaeology Association and other archaeological organizations. The aim of the session is to offer a multifaceted introduction to Japanese Archaeology.

The session consists of four main themes, as listed below:

What is Japanese archaeology?

The history of Japanese archaeology is presented, with a focus on those who have played an important role in its development, in addition to cultural heritage management, which is one of its major characteristics. Another focus is how Japanese archaeology has developed in modern times, especially concerning its relationship with the media and citizens’ groups.

Japanese archaeology now

Noteworthy findings from recent rescue and academic excavations from each region and historic site management examples are introduced. Representative examples of local archaeology are presented for the Kyoto area, where WAC8 is held.

Public archaeology

A variety of public-archaeology efforts carried out in each region in Japan for the public to connect with archaeology are introduced.

Consumer archaeology

Archaeology-related goods and mascot characters from each region are introduced as examples of the commercial use of archaeology.

Special events will be held in sessions 3 and 4!

August 28th (@Welcome party): “Dokkie”, cookies that look like fragments of pottery (pottery is called “doki” in Japanese) are served@ Welcome Party. Let’s eat pottery!

August 29th(1st 11:00~, 2nd 13:50~),September1 1st (1st 11:00~, 2nd 13:50~): A picture-story show about archaeology is performed by the Hyogo Prefectural Museum!

August 30th(11:00~12:20): Haniwa Kotei (the emperor of haniwa), one of the archaeological mascot characters, appears!! (Haniwa were the earthenware funerary sculpture placed atop Kofun-period mounded tombs).

September 2nd(11:00~11:20) Chocolates in the shape of ancient triangular-rimmed bronze mirrors with deity and beast designs is served. We break that chocolates and serve you the fragment of them.

Let’s eat ancient mirror!

We hope you enjoy “Japanese Archaeology” and have lively discussions about it!