Accepted Session List

T01. Archaeology and Development / Peter G. Gould

T01A / Symposium
Archaeological Heritage Management, Sustainable Development and Tourism promotion: Issues and Debates.
V. Selvakumar, Jahan Shahnaj Husne, Yo Negishi and Kaushik Gangopadhyay

T01B / Symposium 
Mining, Resource, Development and Indigenous anultural Heritage: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Keiichi Omoto, Junko Habu and Claire Smith

T01C / Symposium 
Publics, Communities, Archaeologists and Development
Peter Gould and Tim Schadla-Hall

 Cancelled T01D / Forums 
Commercial Archaeology in Emerging Economies: Lessons from Developed Economies
Caleb Adebayo Folorunso and Ian Lilley

T01E / Symposium 
Development on Indigenous Lands
Kylie Lower, Jordan Ralph and Quentin Agius

 Cancelled T01-F / Symposium 
Examining the Social and Economic Impacts of Archaeological Field Schools
Brent Lane, Ivan Vasilev and Ran Boytner

T01G / Forums 
Archaeology and Sustainable Development – What’s Worked; What Hasn’t; What Data?
Paul Burtenshaw and K.H.J. Boom

 Cancelled T01H / Forums 
Benefiting From Development: A Challenge for Archaeologist
Arlene K. Fleming and Elsa Chang

T01I / Symposium 
Archaeology and sustainable heritage management under pressure in developed economies: from mitigation to valorisation
Yoshio Negita, Jean-Paul Demoule and Laurent Nespoulous

T02. Politics / John Carman and Hilary A. Soderland

T02A / Forums 
Extraction and Displacement: Critiques and Alternatives from Archaeology and Social Movements
Bryan Cockrell, María Florencia Becerra and Edith Ortiz Díaz

T02B / Symposium
Archaeology in the forefront: the sensationalization of archaeological heritage
Athena Hadji and Zoe Kontes

T03. Post-colonial Experiences, Archaeological Practice and Indigenous Archaeologies / Uzma Z. Rizvi and Hirofumi Kato

T03A / Symposium 
Analyzing architecture and the built environment in the postcolonial era
Marta Lorenzon and Jessica Nitschke

T03B / Symposium 
Archaeology and the frontiers of capitalism
Andrés Zarankin and Alejandro Haber

T03C / Symposium 
Practicing archaeology in a “post”-colonial world: experiences from the field, industry, and academia
Veronica Perez Rodriguez, Akira Igarashi and Kelley Hayes-Gilpin

T03D / Symposium 
Archaeological theory and practice, and its relationship with Indigenous Communities
Patricia Ayala, Daniella Jofré and Fernanda Kalazich

T03E / Symposium 
Histories of Collecting and Futures of Collections – Museums, Revitalization and Repatriation
Carl-Gösta Ojala, Birgitta Fossum and Eeva-Kristiina Harlin

T03F / Symposium 
Beyond the African Burial Ground Symposium II: Reclaiming and Interpreting the African Diasporic Past
Michael L. Blakey, Autumn R. Barrett and Grace Turner

 Cancelled T03G / Symposium 
Repatriation in art and creative media: critical and creative responses to repatriation
Cressida Fforde and Neil Carter

T03H / Symposium 
The Repatriation Archive
Gavan McCarthy and Tim McKeown

T03I / Symposium 
The Effects of Repatriation: Healing and Wellbeing
Cresside Fforde, Honor Keeler and Steve Hemming

T03J / Symposium 
Global Networks of Removal: Interrogating international acquisition of ancestral remains and heritage resources in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Amber Aranui, Zacharys A. Gundu, Paul Turnbull and Cressida Fforde

T03K / Symposium 
Repatriation, Identity and Negotiating the Future.
Hemming Steve, Sumner Major and David Ned

T03L / Symposium 
Repatriation and its Progress, Processes and Problems
Dorothyr Lippert and Jayne-Leigh Thomas

T03M / Symposium 
Indigenous Experiences and Histories in Repatriation
Wendy Teeter, Dorothy Lippert, Daryle Rigney and Ned David

T03N / Symposium 
A Global Movement: Repatriation Reflections from Around the World
Tim McKeown, Amber Aranui and Paul Tapsell

T03O / Symposium 
Session 6: Museums and Communities working together: shared reflections on repatriation
Mike Pickering and Major Sumner

T04. Archaeological Ethics: Where Are We Now? / Anne Pyburn, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly’s and Marcia Bezerra

T04A / Symposium 
Inclusive data management and sharing in archaeology
Yasuhisa Kondo and Eric Kansa

 Cancelled T04B / Workshop 
Shortcomings in the Ethical Practice of Archaeology: What are we going to do about it?
Anne Pyburn, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly and Marcia Bezerra

 Cancelled T04C / Workshop 
Archaeology, Interethnic Relations and Peace Building
Aida Abdykanova, Anne Pyburn and Marcia Bezerra

T04D / Symposium 
Open Archaeology: The Ethics of Sharing Heritage
Doug Rocks-Macqueen and Joshua Wells

T04E / Symposium 
Archaeology and Human Rights
Quetzil Casteneda and Anne Pyburn

T04F / Symposium 
Digital Bioarchaeology: New Dimensions, New Methods, New Ethics
Brenna Hassett, Carolyn Rando and Emmy Bocaege

 Cancelled T04G / Symposium 
Gender in Contemporary Archaeological Practice: Identifying Biases and Proposing Solutions
Peter Stone and Anne Pyburn

 Cancelled T04H / Symposium 
Open Ethics – Issues emerging at WAC 8
Alexander Herrera and Zacharys Gundu

T04I / Forum 
Cosmopolitanism, Postcolonialism and Identity: implications for ethics in archaeology
Cherrie De Leiuen  and Eleanor King

T04J / Symposium 
Archaeological ethics: walking the talk
Alexander Herrera and Makoto Tomii

T05. Comparative Archaeologies in the Globalized World / Kunihiko Wakabayashi

T05A / Symposium 
Craft Production in State Economies
Lisa Kealhofer, Peter Grave and Miriam Stark

T05B / Symposium
Archaeologies of Childhood I: Learning and skills
Robin Derricourt and Jody Joy

T05C / Symposium
The Impact of Human (Homo sapiens) on Prehistoric Island Environments: Global Perspectives
Hiroto Takamiya and Scott Fitzpatrick

T05D / Symposium 
The Comparative Urban Archaeology: Kyoto and Global Comparison of Cities
Kunihiko Wakabayashi and Kunikazu Yamada

T05E / Symposium 
Enclosures – Dividing and connecting people
Jan Turek and Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu

T05F / Symposium 
The Archaeology of Migrations
Joseph Mangut, Dante Angelo, Kaushik Gangopadhyay, Joanna  Dębowska-Ludwin, Mariam I. Al-mulla and Miroslava Surinova

T05G / Symposium 
Discovering the Archaeologists of the World
Kenneth Aitchison and Katsuyuki Okamura

T05H / Symposium 
Food, Identity and Choice: using diet to explore past social change
Jennifer Bates, Xinyi Liu and Cameron A. Petrie

T05I / Symposium 
The dynamics of societal change over the longue durée:
Perspectives from comparative approaches in archaeology and the “Seshat: Global History Databank” project
Thomas Currie and Arkadiusz Marciniak

T05J / Symposium 
Archaeology of Salt between Local and Global
Marius Alexianu, Takamune Kawashima, Olivier Weller, Robin Brigand and Felix-Adrian Tencariu

T05K / Symposium 
Margins: Society and Economy in Challenging Environments
Teresa Raczek, Prabodh Shirvalkar and Atsushi Noguchi

T05L / Symposium 
Case Studies in Ethnoarchaeology
Ryuzaburo Takahashi and Glenn Summerhayes

T05M / Symposium 
Archaeologies of Childhood II: Children’s roles in peace and war
Kirsty Squires and Caroline Sturdy Colls

T05N / Symposium 
Understanding prehistoric change in demography and subsistence
Enrico R. Crema, Junko Habu, Marco Madella and Oki Nakamura

T05O / Symposium 
Giant Tombs and Social Complexity: A Comparative Perspective
Ken’ichi Sasaki and Shin’ya Fukunaga

T05P / Symposium 
Curiosity, Incomprehension, Indifference: Issues in Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research
Naoko Nakamura and Maria Shinoto

T05Q / Symposium 
What is different about early agriculture in the wet tropics?
Cristina Castillo, Alison Crowther, Huw Barton and Tim Denham

T06. Regional Archaeologies in the Globalized World / Gustavo Politis

T06A / Symposium 
Adaptability and Resilience: New Paradigms for the Indus Civilization
Carla Lancelotti, Cameron A. Petrie and Marco Madella

T06B / Symposium 
Applications of flaked stone analyses in South America
Bruce Bradley and Mercedes Okumura

T06C / Symposium 
Caribbean Archaeology in the Globalized World
Mirjana Roksandic, Ivan Roksandic and Basil Reid

T06D / Symposium 
Island Worlds Writ Large and Small: Archaeologies of Island Melanesia
James L. Flexner, Mathieu Leclerc, Edson Willie and Lawrence Kiko

T06E / Symposium 
South American archaeology’s contributions to World Archaeological Approaches
Mariano Bonomo, Sonia Archila and Christine Hastorf

T06F / Symposium 
IHOPE session on Water Management and Food Security
Paul Sinclair, Paul Lane, Innocent Pikirayi and Angus Graham

T06G / Symposium 
Historical Ecology in Asian Archaeology
Stephen Murphy, D. Kyle Latinis and Ea Darith

T06H / Symposium 
Maritime archaeological research activities in the Asia-Pacific region
Jun Kimura, Bill Jeffery and Bobby Orillaneda

T06I / Symposium 
Patterns and Processes in the Transformation of Pacific Island Landscapes
Toru Yamaguchi and Barry Rolett

T06J / Symposium 
The Horse in the Steppes of Eurasia in the Bronze and Iron Ages: Archaeology, Iconography, Mythology
Valeriu Sirbu, Cristian Schuster and Diana Gergova

T06K / Symposium 
Shellmounds in evidence: culture, formation, and function
Rita Scheel-Ybert, Mirjana Roksandic and Silvia Reis

T06L / Symposium 
Beads and Jade: Transnational Archaeology in Asia
Yukishige Hirose, Xiaoli Qin and Yasuyuki Yoshida

T06M / Symposium 
Dynamics in the peripheries: Varying responses to Japanese state formation
Kazuaki Yoshimura, Maria Shinoto and Yuki Iwahashi

T06N / Forums 
Early rice farming and civilization in East Asia: towards a productive integration of international and cross-disciplinary research agendas
Leo Aoi Hosoya, Dorian Fuller, Hong Xu and Shin’ichi Nakamura

T06O / Symposium 
World War II in the Pacific Theatre: Multicultural Archaeologies of Conflict
Neil Price and Rick Knecht

T06P / Symposium 
Archaeologies of the Asian diaspora
Koji Ozawa, Laura Ng and Kaori Akiyama

T06Q / Symposium 
Interactions between Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers and Neighbors in Asia
Kazunobu Ikeya and Sakkarin Na Nan

T06R / Symposium 
Hunter-gatherer mobility and exchange during primary and secondary dispersals
Kazunobu Luciano Prates, James Steele, Lucas Bueno, Silvia Reis, Noriko Seguchi and Anna Prentiss

T06S / Symposium 
Recent Archaeological Research in Central Eurasia
Shogo Kume, Aida Abdykanova, Toshio Hayashi and Shu Takahama

T06T / Symposium 
The global impact and significance of major archaeological projects
Simon Kaner, Koji Mizoguchi and Sam Nixon

T06U / Symposium 
The background of the introduction of the Kiln fired pottery in periphery areas
Tomoko Nagatomo and Dae Youn Cho

T06V / Symposium 
Origins of Agricultural Practices on the Gangetic Plain in a Global Perspective
Manoj Singh and Luiz Oosterbeek

T06W / Symposium 
Environmental History and the Comparison of Pan-Pacific Societies
Yoshinori Yasuda and Guodong Li

 Cancelled T06X / Forums 
New Perspectives of Young Scientists on Latin-American Archaeology in a Globalized World
Daniel Dante SAUCEDO SEGAMI and Akira Ichikawa

T06Y / Workshop 
Sharing Research on Angkor, Cambodia
Susumu Morimoto and Tin Tina

T06Z / Symposium 
Two other archaeological narratives: Hokkaido and Ryukyus
Hirofumi Kato  and Hiroto Takayamai

T07.  Education: Learning and Unlearning / Claire Smith and Neel Kamal Chapagain

T07A / Symposium 
Educating the Masses: New Approaches to Teaching Digital Archaeology
Philip Verhagen and Yasuhisa Kondo

T07B / Debate 
Academic Education and Faculty Recruitment in Archaeology
Lolita Nikolova and Alexandra Comsa

T07C / Forums 
Journey from “The Excluded Past: Archaeology in Education”: How much have we progressed and where do we go next?
Mizuho Ikeda, Peter Stone and Masakage Murano

T07D / Symposium 
Online Archaeology: Internet as a powerful tool for education and learning
João Carlos Moreno de Sousa and Kamani Perera

 Cancelled T07E / Forums 
Teaching Origins
Lucy Johnson, Mariana Sacchi and Benedicta Mangut

T07F / Symposium 
Heritage, Culture, and Education: Weaving Knowledges
Paulette Steeves and Jasmine Willika

T07G / Forums 
WACSC Forum on Careers in International Heritage
Marta Lorenzon and Kate Ellenberger

T07H / Symposium 
The Presentation, Representation, and Reproduction of the Archaeological Object
Michael Carrasco and Joshua Englehardt

T08. The Public, Heritage and Museums / Akira Matsuda and Alicia McGill

T08A / Debate 
Archaeology and heritage in changing societies – approaches to present and future disciplinary significance for citizens of the 21st century
Christopher Prescott, Anders Högberg and Guttormsen Torgrim Sneve

T08B / Forums 
Alternative heritage futures
Rodney Harrison, Cornelius Holtorf, Sefryn Penrose and Sarah May

T08C / Forums 
Hybridity in Maritime Archaeology: New perspectives for the understanding, study and preservation of a common heritage through a cultural interaction approach
Arturo Rey da Silva and Abhirada Komoot

T08D / Workshop 
Heritage Bureaucracies and Cultural Elites: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives
Claudia Liuzza, Plets Gertjan and Maria F. Escallon

T08E / Symposium 
Showing Better Archaeology, Doing Better Archaeology
L. Meghan Dennis and Karen Martin-Stone

 Cancelled T08F / Forums 
Improving Archaeology in Popular Entertainment
Karen Martin-Stone and L. Meghan Dennis

T08G / Symposium 
Hidden treasures: innovative archaeological research on museum collections
Robin Torrence and Mara Mulrooney

T08H / Symposium 
Mind the gap! Building bridges between scientific approaches and public interests in the archaeology of art
Danae Fiore and Ines Domingo

T08I / Symposium 
Urban Heritage and Sustainability
Siobhan Hart, Katherine Dillon, Valerie Higgins, James Dixon and Kidong Bae

T08J / Symposium 
Heritage Dogma: Policy and Practice – Searching for Missing Links
John Ugwuanyi, Harald Fredheim and Steve Brown

T08K / Symposium 
Global Perspectives on Underwater Cultural Heritage Management
Yoshihiko Akashi and Martijn Manders

T08L / Symposium 
Management of burial mounds in the modern world
Gen Miyoshi, Naima Benkari, Kazuyuki Yano and Megumi Takimoto

T08M / Symposium 
Transforming Heritage Practice Contributions from Community Archaeology
John H Jameson and Musteata Sergui

T08N / Symposium 
Current trends in archaeological heritage preservation
Musteata Sergui and Corina Borș

T08O / Symposium 
The Trial of Heritage: Can the Past be Modern?
Vladimir I. lonesov and Rama Krishna Pisipaty

T08P / Symposium 
Cultural Heritage and Social Innovation
Jesús Fernández, Alexander Herrera, Oscar Navajas Corra and Carmen Pérez Maestro

T08Q / Symposium 
Public Archaeology in Developing Countries
Daniel Dante Saucedo Segami and Naotoshi Ichiki

 Cancelled T08R / Forums 
Considering Ethics in Relation to Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Heritage Management
Alexis Bunten and Sergiu Musteata

T08S / Symposium 
Archaeology and cultural heritage in modern South Asian countries
Atsushi Noguchi and Muhammad Zahir and Tomokatsu Uozu

 Cancelled T08T / Forums 
The cultural politics of archaeological heritage in Eurasia
Annie Chan, Steve Renette and Alexander N. Popov

T08U / Symposium 
The Challenges of Mural Paintings: Conservation and Utilization
Toru TATEISHI and James Scott LYONS

T08V / Symposium 
Practicing Heritage
Kola Adekola,  Abidemi Babatunde Babalola and Oluseyi Agbelusi

T09. Theory for the Future / Cornelius Holtorf and Güneş Duru

T09A / Symposium 
Memory, Identity and Archaeological Heritage. Cultural Dimensions and Contemporary Practices of Re-appropriation of the Past
Paulina Faba, Marie-Areti Hers and Victoria Castro

T09B / Forums 
The allure of the new vs the safety of the known. Archaeological perspectives on innovation and conservatism
Shinya Shoda and Frieman Catherine

T09C / Symposium 
A Future Archaeology of Senses?
José Roberto Pellini and Dragos Gheorghiu

T09D / Symposium 
Debating Ethnoarchaeology
Stefano Biagetti, Arthur J. W. Kathryn, Zurro Hernandez Debora and Jorge Caro Saiz

T09E / Symposium 
What do we mean by The Meaning of Archaeological Evidence?
John C Barrett and Crossland Zoe

T09F / Symposium 
Archaeologies of gender and sexuality: Where do we stand and where are we going?
Jun Mitsumoto, Naoko Matsumoto and Mary Weismantel

 Cancelled T09G / Symposium 
Theory for the Anthropocene
Daniel Niles, Sander van der Leeuw, Jurgen Renn and Junko Habu

T09H / Symposium 
Archaeologies of Listening
Alice Kehoe, Peter Schmidt and Innocent Pikirayi

 Cancelled T09I / Symposium 
On Time
Miriam Domínguez and Neill Wallis

T09J / Symposium 
Archaeology After Phenomenology?
Julian Thomas and Ruth Van Dyke

T09K / Symposium 
New perspectives in the archaeology of violence
Mark Hudson and Rick Schulting

T09L / Symposium 
Archaeologies of Emotion and Emotional Archaeologies
Baxter Jane, Nowell April and Halcrow Sian

T09M / Symposium 
Beyond the African Burial Ground Symposium I: Epistemology, Ethics, and Identity
Michael L. Blakey, Autumn R. Barrett and Grace Turner

T10. Science and Archaeology / Robin Torrence

T10A / Symposium 
Bones and Society: Integrating Zooarchaeology and Social Archaeology
Christian Gates St-Pierre, Alice Choyke and Salima Ikram

T10B / Symposium 
Ceramics and Archaeometry
Sarah Kelloway, Iñañez Javier and Hector Neff

T10C / Symposium 
Births, mothers and babies: a bioarchaeological perspective
Sofija Stefanovic and Gwenaëlle Goude

T10D / Symposium 
New contributions to geoarchaeology
Tara Beuzen-Waller, Yasuhisa Kondo and Friederike Stock

T10E / Symposium 
Doing Digital Archaeology on A Budget: Application and Development of Low-cost Digital Solutions for Archaeology
Philip Verhagen  and Yasuhisa Kondo

T10F / Symposium 
Cyberarchaeology: Simulations, Massive Data and Beyond
Maurizio Forte, Thomas Levy, Sarah Kenderdine and Miaole Hou

T10G / Symposium 
Tools and traces: microwear and residues in hunter-gatherer societies
Shoh Yamada, Atsushi Sawada, Richard Fullagar and Alfred Pawlik

T10H / Symposium 
Empirical challenges in model-based Archaeology
Enrico Crema, Fabio Silva and Xavier Rubio-Campillo

T10I / Symposium 
Social Archaeometallurgy: The Role of Metal Within and Between Societies
Mark Pollard, Shadreck Chirikure, Junko Uchida, Changping Zhang and Yoshiyuki Iizuka

T10J / Workshop 
Workshop on Oxygen Isotopic Dendroarchaeology
Takeshi Nakatsuka, Chenxi Xu and Katsuhiko Kimura

T10K / Symposium 
Skeleton keys: How human remains research contributes to our understanding of the past
Hiroko Hashimoto and Carolyn Rando

T10L / Symposium 
Multiproxy Wetland and Lakeside Archaeology: From Constructed Niches to the Anthropocene
Tony Brown, Naoto Yamamoto and Hidetaka Bessho

T10M / Symposium 
Anthropic Markers of Plant-related Activities: Archaeobotany 2.0
Debora Zurro, Luis Barba, Alessandra Pecci and Carla Lancelotti

T10N/ Symposium 
Holocene Land Use: A Critical Evaluation for Understanding the History of Human Land Use Dynamics
Marco Madella,  Thomas Foster and Stefano Biagetti

T10O / Symposium 
Paleopathology in Asia
Hisashi Fujita and Dong Hoon Shin

T10P / Forums 
Multi-proxy evidence for reconstructing ancient diets and foodways
Ayako Shibutani, Oliver Craig and Shinya Shoda

T10Q / Symposium 
Multidisciplinary approach in the definition of high-resolution events to interpret past human behaviour
Francesca Romagnoli, Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Florent Rivals and Manuel Vaquero

 Cancelled T10R / Symposium 
The Art of Archaeogenetics
Jan Storå, Mehmet Somel and Anna Kjellström

 Cancelled T10S / Forums 
Food, cuisine and diet: integrating method and theory
Ayako Shibutani, Oliver Craig and Shinya Shoda

T10T / Symposium 
Between Foraging and Farming in East Asia: Archaeobotanical Contributions to the Muddle in the Middle
Gary Crawford, Hiroo Nasu, Shinya Shoda and Gyoung-Ah Lee

T10U / Symposium 
Social transformation and climate change
Takehiko Matsugi, Takeshi Nakatsuka and Hyeong Won Lee

T10V / Symposium 
Underwater archaeology using robots
Ken’ichi Yano, Sadao Kawamura and Michel L’Hour

 CancelledT10W / Symposium 
Beyond the African Burial Ground Symposium III: African American Origins: New genetic technologies, methods, and questions
Michael L. Blakey, Autumn R. Barrett and Grace Turner

T11. Religion and Spirituality / Timothy Insoll

T11A / Symposium 
Exploring the Cultural Diversity of Sacred Sites and Sacred Landscapes around the World
Terence Meaden and Maria Giuseppina Gradoli

T11B / Symposium 
Islam, Vernacularization and Cultural Heritage
Trinidad Rico and Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann

T11C / Symposium 
Global perspectives on religious heritage: Okinoshima and the formation of syncretic beliefs in world context
Simon Kaner, Miki Okadera and Sam Nixon

T11D / Symposium 
Marking the Land
Gail Higginbotto and Thomas Whitley

T11E / Symposium 
Religiosity and Spirituality as expressed by Water Related Art and Architecture in South and Southeast Asia
Amarjiva Lochan and Simona Chaudhry-Ferraro

T12. Interactions / Kristian Kristiansen

 Cancelled T12A / Symposium 
The monetization of ancient economies
Anne Lykke

T12B / Symposium 
Entangled, Transnational and Transcultural Approaches to the Liminal Past
Louise Hitchcock and Stuart Tyson Smith

T12C / Symposium 
The impact of Social Interaction on State Formation in the Peripheral Areas of Eurasia
Kazuo Miyamoto and Ellen Van Goethem

T12D / Symposium 
The Socio-Politics of Trade Networks in Southeast Asia
Rory Dennison, Michael Canilao and Laura Junker

T12E / Symposium 
Silk Road – First Traces of Globalisation
Rainer Feldbacher, Guo Shengda, Saeedeh Mirzaei and Mohammad Ghamari Fatideh

T12F / Symposium 
Archaeology of Interactions in the Bay of Bengal Region
Kaushik Gangopadhyay,  Selvakumar Veeraswamy and Coline Lefrancq

T12G / Symposium 
Movement of goods and people around the South China Sea in East Indonesia from the Late Neolithic to the Metal Age
Kazuhiko Tanaka, Eusebio Dizon and Rintaro Ono

T12H / Symposium 
A Global Perspective on Southeast Asian Trade Ceramics in the Historical Period
Kazuhiko Tanaka and Ellen Hsieh

T12I / Symposium 
Commodity production and state along the East-West Cultural Corridor of mainland Southeast Asia
Mamoru Shibayama, Akiko Tashiro and Elizabeth Moore

T13. The Archaeology of Disaster: Exploring the Past for the Future / Katsuyuki Okamura, Nathan Schlanger and Makoto Tomii

T13A / Symposium 
Federal, Tribal and State Government Response: Recovery and Mitigation Efforts in Disasters
Charles Bello, Toshihide Ohmi and Kazuki Morisaki

T13B / Symposium 
Managing endangered cultural heritage sites in Latin America
Mario Rivera and Markus Reindel

T13C / Symposium 
Voices from Fukushima: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage on the frontline of natural and anthropic disasters
Yoshio Kikuchi and Nespoulous Larent

T13D / Forums 
Methodological Approaches to TephroArchaeology
Gina L. Barnes and Tsutomu Soda

T13E / Symposium 
Distributed Long-term Observation Networks of the Past’: Using Paleo-Climate and Cultural Resource Data for Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Climate Change
Marcy Rockman, Tom Dawson, Junko Habu, Junzo Uchiyama, Margo Schwadron  and George Hambrecht

T13F / Symposium 
Catastrophic trends, disaster risk management and sustainable global values from Antiquity
Serena Massa, Attoui Redha, Susanna Bortolotto, Makoto Tomii and Hidetaka Bessho

T14. Art and Archaeology  / Lila Janik, Peter J Matthews, Sahoko Aki and Kenichi Yano

T14A / Symposium 
Change and Continuity in Rock Art
Paul S.C. Taçon, Inés Domingo and Sally K. May

T14B / Symposium 
Landscapes of art and the art of landscapes
Liliana Janik and Ekaterina Devlet

 Cancelled T14C / Symposium 
Cognition, neuroaesthetics and creativity in the visual arts
Liliana Janik and Naoko Matsumoto

T14D / Symposium 
Bringing The Past Back To Life: exploring material culture depictions in rock art assemblages from across the globe
Sally K. May, Joakim Goldhahn and Meg Travers

T14E / Symposium 
Interpreting prehistoric art: context, meaning, and function
Chris Gosden, Alistair Paterson Courtney Nimura and Peter Hommel

T14F / Symposium 
Accessing the Social Lives and Meaning of Oceanic and Australian Art: Pre-contact, Contact period, and Historic Applications
Jennifer Kahn and Scarlett Chiu

T14G / Symposium 
Breaking the Frame: Art and Archaeology in Practice
Carolyn White and Ursula Frederick

 Cancelled T14H / Symposium 
Theory and Method in Scientific Studies of Asian Rock Art
Saleem Shaik and Parth Chauhan

T14I / Symposium 
Animals – Art – Archaeology
Thomas W. Wyrwoll and Terence Meaden

T14J / Symposium 
Art-Archaeology: Art as Inspiration for Archaeologists
Dragos Gheorghiu and Jose-Roberto Pellini

T14K / Symposium 
Cultural Assimilation and Hybridity in Ancient and Medieval Art
Durga Basu, Alok Tripathi and Sergiu Musteata

T15. War and Conflict / Friedrich Schipper

 Cancelled T15A / Symposium 
The reflection and effects of Arab spring on archaeological and cultural heritage sites of Arab world
Ahmed Alsherif

 Cancelled T15B / Symposium 
Defiling the Bride of the Desert- Serious Damage and Loss of Heritage in Syrian Conflict
Tushar Saha and Idun Yvonne

T15C / Forums 
Armed Conflicts, Faith (religion) and the Question of Heritage and Identity.
Caleb Adebayo Folorunso, Zacharys Anger Gundu and Gunes Duru

T15D / Workshop 
Contesting Area C: Archaeology in the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories
Brian Boyd  and Hamed Salem

T15E / Symposium 
Socially Mediated Terrorism, the Islamic State/Da’esh and Cultural Heritage
Claire Smith and Dima Chahin

 Cancelled T15F / Symposium 
Mariam Al-Mulla and Abigail Harrison Moore

T15G / Symposium
Future of the Syrian Cultural Heritages under the Crisis: Considering the Framework for the Post-war Rehabilitation
Kiyohide Saito , Akira Tsuneki and Shin Nishiyama