World Heritage Education Workshop

Robben Island, Friday 15th January 1999

The fourth World Archaeological Congress, in association with UNESCO and the Robben Island Museum, is presenting a one day workshop on World Heritage Education.

This workshop will take place on Robben Island, on Friday 15th January 1999, after the four day Congress.

Desired outcomes established for the workshop include:

the creation of a critical awareness amongst heritage, archaeological and related practitioners of the World Heritage Convention and its workings in a South African context;
the creation of a critical awareness among local heritage educators, heritage managers, archaeologists, and related practitioners of UNESCO’s World Heritage Education Project;
an increased understanding of heritage and heritage education issues in South Africa, leading to an increased sense of ownership of, and responsibility for, cultural heritage in South Africa;
the formulation of new perspectives arising out of critical engagement with the issues, which will enable the drafting of recommendations for future directions for the World Heritage body in South Africa.

The workshop is being designed around a series of themes to be presented by key speakers. After each key presentation, breakaway groups will be tasked with looking at specific questions relating to the issues discussed. Participants are invited to bring with them material relating to sites which they are involved with, if they feel that this will stimulate or contribute to discussion.

Key themes identified for the workshop are:

Heritage, World Heritage and archaeology.
World Heritage – the South African perspective. Potential World Heritage sites in South Africa, and Robben Island Museum’s bid for World Heritage status?
Application procedures for World Heritage status. The significance and organisation of public participation?
What is Heritage Education? Exploring “generational memory”; lifelong learning; and the educational role of heritage sites.
Heritage Education – the South African perspective. The role of heritage education in building cultural identity(ies) in developing countries.
How to use the World Heritage Education Kit

A panel discussion is planned, involving National Parks of South Africa, and the Departments of Arts and Culture; Environment & Tourism; and Education. The discussion will focus on initiatives within these organisations to make people aware of the economic and social importance of heritage.

The workshop plenary session will discuss issues arising from the workshop, and will be directed to addressing questions around future directions and sustainability.

The total number of participants is limited to 50 persons. It is therefore important that those wishing to attend apply without delay.

Please include your own name, together with the name of the organisation or institution you will be representing and full contact details. Also please provide a brief motivation as to how you think this workshop will help your organisation achieve its aims.

There will be no charge made for attending this workshop, and we will therefore only be accepting bona fide representatives of local institutions, and registered WAC participants. Successful applicants will be covered for the return ferry trip between Cape Town and Robben Island; a guided tour of Robben Island; a light lunch; and all workshop costs.

Please note that this workshop is NOT a free alternative to taking the tour as a tourist. Participation will be limited to those who have a contribution to make, or who represent local organisations who are going to benefit from attending.

If you would like to attend this workshop, please apply IMMEDIATELY to David Worth,
by fax at +27 21 650 2352 or by e-mail at

Please use e-mail for correspondence if you have it, but failing that, please use the fax.

Don’t delay applying – remember numbers are limited and time is tight.

David Worth

telephone: +27 21 650 2358

fax: +27 21 650 2352