The WAC Student Committee (WACSC) aims to provide representation for all student members within WAC, through which student participation in international academic debate and practice can be fostered and developed. The WACSC considers student participation to be important as it is an opportunity to network and share research interests with other student and professional members of WAC. The Student Committee seeks to achieve its aim by:

  1. Encouraging student membership from different regions around the world;
  2. Liaising between students and other WAC members at Congresses and other WAC events;
  3. Establishing a network of communication and debate amongst student members of WAC and the wider WAC community;
  4. Encouraging and organising student participation in academic events within and outside WAC;
  5. Advocating for financial support for students in relation to their participation in academic events organised by WAC.

Members of the WACSC are: Oluseyi Odunyemi Agbelusi (Nigeria); Nupur Tiwari (India); Erin A. Hogg (Canada); Leandro Matthews Cascon (Brazil); Gonzalo Linares Matás (Spain); Yahaira Núñez Cortés (Costa Rica); Hannah Quaintance (USA); Suramya Bansal (India and South Africa); José A. Mármol Martínez (Spain); Marian Bailey (Australia).

Chair of WACSC: Oluseyi Odunyemi Agbelusi (Nigeria)
Vice-Chair of WACSC: Nupur Tiwari (India)
Student Representative to the WAC Executive: Jacqueline Matthews (Australia)

To contact the WACSC, write

The WACSC manages the following social media pages:
The WAC Students Forum (on Facebook)
WACSC Facebook page
WACSC Twitter account

To find out more about the WACSC, including its history, current activities and members please visit the Students page.