What is the World Archaeological Congress (WAC)? 
WAC was founded in 1985. It encourages open dialogue between archaeologists and others concerned about the past, including Indigenous peoples and First Nations people whose pasts are told by archaeologists. One of WAC’s primary functions is to hold an international congress every four years.

What are the WAC Congresses about? 
WAC Congresses offer discussion on the results of new archaeological research as well as on archaeological policy, practice and politics. Regular features include policy topics such as the international traffic of antiquities, looting and protecting sites, dam construction and site protection, and public education about archaeology. There are also sessions on a wide range of substantive issues such as maritime archaeology, art/iconography and society, and the politics of conducting archaeology within a community, a state, a nation, an empire, and on new methodological practices.

Must I be a member of WAC to attend the WAC Congresses and Intercongresses? 
No, you don’t. However, the cost of registration is less expensive for members than for non-members. Since membership in WAC is not expensive, it is more economical for you to join WAC before WAC Congresses and other WAC meetings than to pay the non-member rate.

WAC journal Archaeologies subscription: Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I inform WAC of the change in my contact details or the postal address to which I wish to receive issues of Archaeologies?
Please notify the Membership Secretary by email. Remember that it is your responsibility to do this notification as soon as the change takes place.

After placing an online order for becoming a WAC member (with the option “paper and electronic access to the journal” selected), how soon can I expect a delivery of my first issue of the journal?
The delivery of the paper copies of Archaeologies is made three times a year, so you will need to wait until the end of each four-month period for the publisher to send the initial issue (and if applicable also the previous issues of the journal published in the same year) to you. Depending on the conditions of the postal service in your country, you might need to wait for additional three to five weeks.

After placing an online order for becoming a WAC member, how can I have access to the electronic journal?
You will need to access the electronic versions of the journals, made available by Springer (the publisher), through WAC website. After your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email from WAC Membership Secretary that includes instructions as to how to access the journal online through WAC website. Following these instructions you will be able to access the current and previous issues of the journal until your membership expires.

How can I order previous issues of the journal?
You can order them from the Springer website.

What if I did not receive an issue of the journal?
Please check your membership to make sure 1) that it is updated, 2) that you have paid access to both paper and electronic journal, 3) and that you have notified WAC of the correct and up-to-date postal address to which you wish to receive the issues of the journal (please remember that it is your responsibility to do this notification). After confirming this, please contact the Membership Secretary to explain the situation.

The Membership Secretary will then verify your record in the WAC membership database and, if your postal address registered in this database proves to be correct and up-to-date, request Springer to send a replacement issue to you. This will be sent to you together with the next issue of the journal.