Registration is now open for an international workshop on

Heritage in Conflict and Consensus:
New Approaches to the Social, Political, and Religious Impact
of Public Heritage in the 21st Century

November 9-10, 2009 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

This international workshop will offer a wide range of global perspectives Heritage in Conflict and will invite participants to help formulate research and policy agendas on the following themes:

  • Can There Be Heritage Without Conflict?
  • Tourism, Local Communities, and Diasporic Attachments
  • Law, War, and Globalization
  • Communities: from Conflict to Consensus
  • Between Tourism and Community Identity: Who is In and Who is Out?
  • Human Remains and Heritage:  Who Should Care for the Dead?
  • Local Engagement in Heritage Practice

Plenary Speakers will include:

Gustavo Araoz (President, International Council on Monuments and Sites)
Karel Bakker (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
Michael Blakey (College of William and Mary, USA)
Bruce Chilton (Bard College, USA)
Amesewar Galla (University of Queensland, Australia)
Cornelius Holtorf (Kalmar University, Sweden)
Richard Leventhal (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Dorothy Lippert (Smithsonian Institution, USA)
Max Polonovski (Ministry of Culture, France)
Liz Sevcenko (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience)
Isabelle Vinson (UNESCO)
Elizabeth Ya’ari (PUSH for Peace, Israel-Palestine-Jordan)

Please visit the workshop website for a detailed program and complete registration information:  For questions or requests for additional information, please contact Angela Labrador, Program Coordinator at