The repatriation of ancestral remains

Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
Canberra, Australia
8-10 July, 2005

Co-hosted by
Centre for Cross-Cultural Research and the
National Museum of Australia

The Meanings and Values of Repatriationa Multidisciplinary Conference

This WAC Inter-Congress has the following aims:

  • To examine critically the successes and failures of efforts to resolve the fate of Indigenous ancestral remains acquired from Australian and overseas museums and scientific institutions.
  • To assess repatriation policies and practices in the light of Indigenous community experiences of repatriation.
  • To address the problems of identifying and repatriating ancestral remains located in European and other overseas collections, especially in the light of scientific reluctance and resistance to recognize the rights and obligations of Indigenous people in respect of the dead and their possessions.

For further information, contact :

Paul Turnbull Griffith University
Michael Pickering National Museum of Australia