Celebrations in Cambridge, UK, for Thurston Shaw’s 96th Birthday.

Martin Jones, who represented the McDonald Institute, WAC Vice-President Adebayo Folorunso from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (speaking) and Thurstan Shaw.

Watch a short film of Prof Augustine Nwoye singing to Thurstan on his 96th birthday

Thurstan Shaw as a very young man excavating Hembury Fort, U.K. in 1932.

The excavators consisted of Thurstan Shaw, Aileen Henderson, who later married Sir Cyril Fox and became a Lecturer in archaeology at Exeter University, and Mary Nicol, who married Louis Leakey and became world-famous for her Pleistocene discoveries at Olduvai Gorge. The foreman, W.E.V. Young, took great care to introduce them to excavation techniques.

“In subsequent years, Mary Leakey used to reflect on what a good training it was.” (By courtesy of Thurstan Shaw).

Here is Peter, Thurstan’s student from the University of Ibadan, Alex Okpoko who is Igbo, and Thurstan at Thurstan’s 75th birthday celebration in Nigeria in 1989

Thurstan in 2002.

Thurstan at 95, Christmas in Cambridge, 2009.

Pamela Jane happily invites you to Thurstan’s 96th birthday celebratory afternoon tea, from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday, 27th June at the Sorrento Hotel, 190-196 Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 7AN.

Please join us for strawberries, homemade cake and tea. Parking is available.

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No gifts please.

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All the photos are Courtesy of Thurstan Shaw