WAC-8 resolutions

The Eighth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-8) was held between 28 August and 2 September 2016 in Kyoto, with more than 1,600 colleagues coming from 83 countries. The functions of a World Archaeological Congress international conference include various decision-makings as a world archaeological organisation as well as the facilitation of academic communications for the furtherance of […]

WAC Indigenous Plenary

The last of the filmed plenaries at WAC-8, the Indigenous Plenary was a discussion of archaeology, history, and heritage by members of local communities from Hawaii to Pakistan to Japan and more. Please enjoy the videos: Koji Mizoguchi Tadashi Kato Paul Tapsell Sayed Gul Kalash Aulii Mitchell Dorothy Lippert

WAC at 30

At the eighth World Archaeological Congress Conference in Kyoto a plenary was run to examine WAC thirty years after its creation. The talks by the distinguished speakers from other archaeological organisations and societies were recorded are now available for viewing: Koji Mizoguchi   Mónica Berón Jean Bourgeois Diane Gifford Gonzalez Catherine Frieman Glenn Summerhayes Ndukuyakhe […]