Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to announce that WAC will support the following symposium as an official WAC-sponsored event.

Symposium Title:
“Subaltern Narratives: Voices from Peruvian Archaeology” (
Place and Date: 
The French Institute of Andean Studies. Lima, Peru
August 31st and September 1st, 2017
Henry Tantaleán, PhD. (The French Institute of Andean Studies, Peru)
Luis Armando Muro, PhD.C. (Stanford University, USA)Objective
The symposium aims to be a reflection on the political role of archaeology in contemporary Peru. By integrating theoretical frameworks dealing with multivocality, postcolonialism, and decoloniality, the symposium aims to “give voice” to those social groups whose voices have been largely silenced and invisibilized by the traditional Peruvian academia. This includes: Andean and Amazonian Indigenous groups, women, LGTB groups, Afro-descendant communities, Asian diasporic communities in Peru, peripheral communities to world heritage sites, among others.
The symposium thus aims to become a space of reflection, discussion, and, ultimately, of empowerment, where all groups, whose contributions have been pivotal in the formation of a “Peruvian identity” are represented.
The symposium has been designed for both the academic community and the general public. The symposium looks to raise awareness about the importance of archaeology in the modern world. In this sense, we seek to critically analyze the contribution of archaeology in contemporary Peru as well as to re-think the commitment of the discipline in the making of both multivocal pasts and equitable present.
The symposium will cover 17 case studies across Peruvian territory. Our speakers are nationals (Peruvians) and internationals. Their fields of action are the academia, NGOs, and the Peruvian government. They come from different disciplines within social sciences such as archaeology, anthropology, sociology, education and law. Based on their own research and expertise on the matter, each specialist will present a case study focused on an underrepresented group.
Specialists will focused not only on the theoretical underpinnings of postcolonial archeology, but also, and very mportantly, on the methodological challenges involved in the “making” of multivocal and subaltern narratives. Indigenous leaders have been also invited to present their alternative narratives to the symposium. Additional information regarding the list of speakers, and papers´ tiles and abstracts can be found in the Final Program attached below.
The symposium are sponsored by the French Institute of Andean Studies (IFEA – part of the CNRS France) based in Lima, and the World Archaeological Congress (‘WAC’)