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Tuesday, August 11

Tour, sponsored by the Department of Antiquities and Tourism of the Palestinian Authorities to Nablus, Samaria, Wadi Badhan and Jericho.

Samaria is the site of the famous Iron Age palace of the Omride dynasty of the 9th century. After its occupation in 722 BCE by the Assyrian king Sargon II, tens of thousands of people were deported by the then sole superpower. Alexander of Macedonia destroyed the city and founded a Hellenistic settlement.

Jericho is an oasis in the Jordan valley. In the modern city is Tell es-Sultan, the ancient site where a massive tower from the Pre Pottery Neolithic period was discovered.

The palace of Khirbet al Mafjar, also near Jericho, is an early Islamic complex building from the Umayyad period with beautiful architecture and mosaics.

Wednesday, August 12

We will visit the Haram al-Sharif in East Jerusalem in the morning, and will have a tour by Rafi Greenberg through the Silwan Valley in the afternoon.

Thursday, August 13

In the morning, we will visit Tell Balatah near Nablus. You will have the occasion to meet Palestinians and discuss with them their concerns about their heritage.

The afternoon is reserved for a final discussion and resolutions.