We are pleased to inform you that the first issue of the Journal of Iranian Archaeology (No.1, 2010) is published. We extend an invitation to send new papers for No. 2, which will appear on 2011. Further information can be requested at the following e-mail address (bastanshenasi.iran@gmail.com).

Journal of Iranian Archaeology is a biannual journal in Persian and English published by Wahesht Mina International Institute. The Journal of Iranian Archaeology publishes original papers, research reports, and notes. Manuscripts will be accepted in Persian, English, and French. The journal will publish current research on the Iranian archaeology in all fields of archaeology without any chronological limit. Fields of interest include Paleolithic to the Islamic Period Archaeology of Iran and neighboring regions, archaeobotanical, archaeozoological, geoarchaeological, paleoanthropological, and ethnoarchaeological studies in Iran and neighboring regions.

No. 1, 2010 (Autumn-Winter)

Wahesht Mina International Institute

Especial issue: Recent Research on the Iranian Paleolithic (Edited by Fereidoun Biglari)

Introductory Note
Fereidoun Biglari

A Preliminary Report on the Investigations of the Lower Paleolithic site of Khaleseh in the Khoram Dareh Valley, Zanjan
Sajad Alibaigi, Kamal Aldin Niknami and  Shokouh Khosravi

Preliminary Report on the Discovery of a late lower Paleolithic and Middle Paleolithic Site on the Island of Qeshm, Persian Gulf
Abdolreza Dashtizadeh

Paléolithique moyen récent de la grotte de Qaleh Bozi 2 (Esfahan, Iran), premiers résultats de la campagne 2008
Jacques Jaubert, Fereidoun Biglari, Rémy Crassard, Marjan Mashkour, William Rendu, et Sonia Shidrang

Faunal remains from the Epi-Paleolithic site of Komishan Cave and its dating, preliminary results
Marjan Mashkour, Jawana Chahoud and Ali Mahforouzi

A Note on Recent Paleolithic Surveys in the Kuhdasht Region, the Lorestan Province, Iran
Babak Moradi and Fatemeh Bakhtiari

Papers in Persian

Arasanj: New evidence of Middle Paleolithic occupation at the Qazvin Plain, Iran
Omid Masoumi, Azar Johar and Soraya Afshari

New Found Pictographs from Abdozou Rockshelter, Firouz Abad, Southern Zagros
Taher Ghasimi, Cyrus Barfi and Reza Norouzi

Wargar: a New Late Neolithic Site at East of Dorood Faraman, the Kermanshah Region, Central Western Zagros
Alireza Moradi Bisetuni

Kura-Araxes Culture, Early Trans-Caucasian or Yanik
Karim Alizadeh

Introduction to Structures Known as Tal-e Khandagh in Ancient Fars Province, Iran
Parsa Ghasemi

A Samanid Copper Coin from Shahr-i-Belqays, Isfarayen
Ali A. Vahdati

A short report of the congress of potentials and possibilities in archaeology education in Iran
Emran Garazhian