The 16th Colloquium of the West African Archaeological Association (WAAA) was hosted by the University of Ghana (Monday 8th to Friday 13th of July, 2019). There were over one hundred and thirty (130) delegates from the sub-region, with about one third of these being postgraduate students. I was provided with an opportunity to present about the World Archaeological Congress (WAC) during the plenary held on Tuesday 9th of July. I began my presentation by addressing the history of WAC, its aims, and objectives. Furthermore, I addressed the diverse programmes WAC has as well as the significance of the student body within the organisation to encourage an interest to the potential new members. I concluded my address by providing details on how those in attendance could join WAC. Generally, the whole presentation was warmly received. This can also be shown by the interest shown by some of the delegates to join WAC. With the enthusiasm and eagerness shown, I am confident that WAC will have more members from various parts of West Africa.

Kola Adekola (Junior Representative for Western Africa)