The Global Libraries Program is a WAC project developing the archaeological literary collections of libraries in economically disadvantaged countries. There are over 50 libraries receiving donations around the world. Following through on the success of the Inter-Congress in Ramallah, we also have a new partnership with Birzeit University. This is important work, as it contributes to resources for ongoing education and research in environments where archaeological and cultural heritage is often under threat.

Many thanks to Sally K. May who has been the chair of the Global Libraries Program for over 5 years. She is stepping down and I have taken her place as chair. We are now looking for committee members of this important organization. Are you interested in being a part of the committee that oversees the donations of materials to libraries from around the world? We are looking for those of you living or specializing in areas around the globe to oversee your areas of interest.

If you would like more information on the project and/or would like to be considered as a member of committee, please e-mail me:

–Ashley Sands