Created in response to the damage and destruction facing sites throughout the developing world, Global Heritage Network (GHN) is an online multimedia platform that uses Google Earth and social networking for threat monitoring and collaborative preservation of those sites.

To achieve this, GHN is comprised of three integrated parts:

GHN Sites: A database of more than 650 sites across the developing world displayed in Google Earth, with background information, photos, documentation, maps, videos and satellite imagery.

GHN Community: A customized social network that provides site-based and thematic discussion groups, highlights of site threats and preservation efforts, and peer networking.

GHN Library: A collection of heritage preservation-related electronic documents including bibliographies, management plans, guidelines, case studies and more.

But GHN needs your help to succeed.

Join today to:

  • Participate in discussion groups, or start your own and invite your peers
  • Contribute content and updates about threatened sites and preservation successes
  • Act as a Site Coordinator to create site profiles and lead site groups
  • Be a Site Monitor to prepare up-to-date Site Conservation Assessment reports

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To learn more about GHN and its features, watch a Tutorial video.