This is to let you know about the “Day of Archaeology 2011”, taking place for the first time this year.

The Day of Archaeology 2011 is an online project that will allow archaeologists, professional and volunteers, working all over the world to
document what they do on one day, July 29th 2011. Archaeologists taking part in the project will document their day through photographs, videos and written blog posts. These will then be collected on the website (, which will provide a glimpse into a day in the life of people working and volunteering in all areas of archaeology, from archaeological excavations to laboratories, universities, community archaeology groups, education services, museums and offices.

This project is open to everyone working or volunteering in any aspect of archaeology from anywhere in the world, is completely free to join, and
is organised and managed by a team of UK-based volunteers, with participants registered from every continent.  We are very happy to support people who wish to participate but do not have access to, or feel comfortable using, digital technologies, and can assist with uploading images, text etc.

We are actively seeking more partcipants and would love you to join us!

For more details, please visit our website:

or email us for further information and to sign up: