First Call for Papers: Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory Annual Conference 2010

CHAT 2010: ‘North’: Northern Worlds in Contemporary & Historical Archaeology November 12-14, 2010, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Northern worlds have always suffered from stereotyping. Since the Enlightenment, ‘North’ played the role of frontier of geographic knowledge and wilderness of harrowing and sublime proportions. The last century saw its diversification as a space of untapped resources, from fur and gold to oil and gas. In other historical moments, north figured
large as a relational concept in the formulation of identities and mentalities, especially by those farther south.

Drawing on the point of view that material culture can provide, CHAT North at the University of Aberdeen seeks to question and move beyond aricatures to explore, compare and reassess the diversity and significance of northern worlds.

Papers are invited that focus on the north broadly defined. Questions addressed by the conference may include, but are not limited to:

*           How have changing perceptions of ‘north’ and ‘northern’been articulated within historical and contemporary archaeology?
*           To what extent has northern as a relational concept contributed to the formulation and negotiation of social and cultural identities?
*           How has north been couched within colonial and post-colonial dialogues?
*           To what degree has capitalism and industry reshaped landscapes of the north?
*           What is the place of the north in relationships between modernity and aesthetics?
*           What is the value of northern studies in historical and contemporary archaeology?

The organizing committee would like to invite papers on the broad theme of ‘North’. Please send a short title and abstract for paper and/or session proposals by May 31st 2010 to

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