“I Know Where I’m Going”- Remote Access to World Heritage Sites from St Kilda to Uluru

23-24 November 2011- Edinburgh (UK)


At a time of economic crisis and environmental threat, countries everywhere are addressing the dual challenge of protecting and preserving their natural and cultural heritage while maximising its economic value. This two-day international conference will focus on the potential of new technologies to create high-quality, remote-access, visitor experiences for World Heritage Sites and other sites of cultural, historical and natural significance where remote access is desirable or necessary.

The conference has three main aims:

a – To showcase the new technologies available: including the 3D laser scanning of St Kilda WHS  as part of the Scottish Ten project to create exceptionally accurate digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and others worldwide, in order to better conserve and manage them (http://www.scottishten.org/).  A number of other forms of digital mapping & scanning, as well as other technologies will also be demonstrated.

b – To debate the benefits and challenges these new technologies present. This applies not only to issues of preservation, conservation, interpretation, education,  but also to the benefits and pitfalls of virtual access to sensitive sites and the economic benefits of tourism promoted thus.

c – To encourage site managers worldwide – particularly within the UNESCO World Heritage Sites network – to consider the benefits & impact these new technologies could have for their own sites, allowing them to investigate these further and clarify issues of acquisition, installation, costs etc.

We now invite papers and presentations which address  the key questions of the Conference . For details go to http://inspace.mediascot.org/beholder/iknowwhereimgoing

The deadline for submission is 3rd May 2011.

Contact details:

Isa UNY, Conference Manager

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