The World Archaeological Congress is calling for bids to host the Ninth World Archaeological Congress, due to be held in 2020 or 2021. WAC International Congresses are held every four years and WAC-6 and WAC-7 respectively attracted around 1,800 and 900 participants. The Congresses normally span five or six days with a middle day reserved for excursions. Congresses are open to both members and non-members. There have been seven WAC Congresses so far:

• WAC-1 (Southampton, England, 1986).
• WAC-2 (Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 1990).
• WAC-3 (New Delhi, India, 1994).
• WAC-4 (Cape Town, South Africa, 1999).
• WAC-5 (Washington DC, USA, 2003).
• WAC-6 (Dublin, Ireland, 2008)
• WAC-7 (Dead Sea, Jordan, 2013)

The eighth WAC Congress, WAC-8, will be held in Kyoto, Japan in 2016.

Bids for WAC-9 will be presented to the WAC Assembly at WAC-8, which will be held in Kyoto, Japan, in September 2016. Guidance in preparing a bid can be found in the Bid Preparation Guidelines (wac_congress_bid_guidelines_2016). Further information can be obtained from either the President of WAC, Koji Mizoguchi ( or the Secretary of WAC, Akira Matsuda (

The deadline for submitting bids is Wednesday 10th August 2016.