The establishment of the WAC special committee on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine blatantly breached one of the most fundamental principles of international law, which is respect for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of nations and violates basic human rights. As a world archaeological community whose Statutes include the sentence: (article 2.3.d) ‘…respect in all its activities the principles of the UN […]

World Archaeological Congress Statement on the invasion of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation as ordered by President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

As a community of archaeologists of the world, the World Archaeological Congress opposes the violation of basic human rights and condemns the use of force in any form for solving political disputes. We, therefore, condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation as ordered by President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in […]

Call for WAC-10 2024 Bids

Dear WAC Members, I, on behalf of the Council, herewith call for expressions of interest in holding the Tenth World Archaeological Congress in the year 2024. This extraordinary call is made because of the decision unanimously taken by the WAC Council in its urgent extraordinary meeting that took place on Monday 13 December (Japan Standard […]

WAC-9 and WAC-10 Announcement

Dear Colleagues and Friends, It has been nearly two years since the official declaration of the COVID pandemic, and every single domain of our lives has been affected. Face-to-face interactions and communications, the pillar of our social existence, have been severely curtailed, making us frustrated, sad, and anxious. It is difficult to be ourselves, to […]

WAC virtual Inter-Congress

Dear WAC Members, Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you to participate on the virtual WAC Inter-Congress that is going to be held online from August 30 to September 3, 2021. Each session consist of a keynote lecture followed by four papers and general discussion. As the WAC-9 LOC and organizers of individual sessions […]

Goodbye Professor Uncompromising Evž en Neustupny

By: Jan Turek, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University, Prague Evžen Neustupný († January 14, 2021) throughout his life fulfilled the adjective of his surname (Neustupný = Pertinacious). He truly led his entire professional life with incredible determination, firmness of opinion and admirably systematic thinking. Perhaps that is why he influenced the development of world […]

WAC-9 further postponement

Dear Colleagues and Friends On 19 March, 2020, the WAC Council took a difficult decision of postponing WAC-9, originally scheduled to take place between 5 and 10 July 2020 for one year to 4~9 July 2021. Retrospectively, we had not yet fully realized how unpredictable and dangerous this novel Coronavirus actually was. Since then, the […]

WAC statement on the on-going wildfires and the destruction of the Indigenous Homelands and the Quilombola communities of the Amazonian Basin

The Indigenous Peoples of the Amazonian Basin, who have lived for generations in the rainforest, are subject to increasingly intensified and wide-spread attacks, illegal invasions and occupations, and systematic destruction of their homelands and ancestral landscapes. More than 3,000 Quilombola communities, descendants of escaped slaves, also live in the basin, and they are also among […]

WAC 9 Postponed

Dear Colleagues and Friends, As you are all aware, the current Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in strict governmental restrictions to host large gatherings in Prague, and in many other countries. In addition, there are now many global travel restrictions and border closing, as well as movement restrictions within cities and towns. If the current situation […]